When you step into the entrance of Rio’s D’ Sudamerica in Chicago you are transported into relaxing, modern fine dining restaurant with hints of South American style.

As the best Peruvian restaurant in Chicago, we have a comfortable lounge for you to relax in as you wait to be seated by one of our friendly staff, and we are happy to serve you a warm up drink from our bar while you wait.

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Bar Area

Our bar area is spacious and is ready to accommodate your thirst with a variety of drinks both foreign and domestic, as well as offering a selection of Peruvian wines that you will find nowhere else!

And, of course, we are more than happy to serve you our exclusive Peruvian food at the bar, or transfer you to a table for a more intimate setting.

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Dining Room

Our dining area is an open concept seating area that is comfortable and stylish.

Our hope is that you enjoy the murals and Peruvian artwork as much as you enjoy the Peruvian food that Rio’s D’ Sudamerica has come to be known in Chicagoland for!

We strive to make each of our guests as comfortable and happy as possible, so if there is anything we can do to make your fine dining experience more enjoyable, please give us the opportunity to bless you!

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Upstairs VIP Area

For those looking for an even more intimate setting or to reserve an area for a group, our upstairs VIP seating area is what you are looking for.

This beautifully decorated upstairs area overlooks the fine dining area and is perfect for business dinners and other events.